There are plenty of annoying things you can do while watching a movie. Talk through it, ask constant questions about the plot, eat loudly, etc. But to me, there is nothing worse than whining and complaining about how unrealistic the movie is.

Now, if the movie’s entire plot revolves around realism, you have every right to complain about the factual inaccuracies or blunders. There are plenty of movies that are downright stupid and deserve to be criticized. But, if the movie is about dragons, or a kid’s toy possessed by an evil serial killer, (shout out to Child’s Play) why in the hell are you complaining that the main character shouldn’t have been able to jump that far, or that the cop should’ve ran out of ammo? Last time I checked, dragons don’t exist, and neither do evil possessed kid’s toys. You’re willing to go along with people living in a magical land of dwarves and elves, but you can’t tolerate the characters going long amounts of time without eating?

“They wouldn’t be able to break that lock, that would never happen.”

Oh yeah? The breaking of the lock is fake, but the huge bloodsucking vampire chasing them isn’t? The lock breaking couldn’t happen, but a man turning into a pale, immortal creature of the night could?

People actually find it logical to pop in a movie about talking animals, and then complain about aspects of the plot being fake. Hey there, do you not realize the entire premise of this movie is based on something that is impossible? And you’re complaining about someone holding their breath for too long?

“There’s no way that car would explode like that.”

Hey bud, it’s a movie about talking gorillas. Let’s put things in perspective here.

Anyways, that’s probably enough ranting for today. If you’re one of these people I’m talking about, I guess my parting message to you would be: Give documentaries a try. Or dog crap. It’s really up to you.


72 thoughts on “That’s So Unrealistic

  1. Great post. Something that bothers me when it comes to movies is how people constantly harp on certain movies, i.e. The Star Wars prequels, The Force Awakens, The Dark Knight Rises and other DC Movies, or anything by Zack Snyder or Michael Bay. Let it go. It’s just a movie.

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    1. Thank so much! And I totally agree with you. It’s almost like it just becomes cool to trash certain movies, like the Star Wars prequels. And if you genuinely don’t like the movie, don’t watch it!

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  2. I agree with you 150% (because I choose to believe I can add another 50% to a whole) I love fantasy movies because I can escape my simple boring reality and immerse myself in something that is extraordinary for a couple of hours. So I believe everything in the movie can happen in that movie. Great post but I must go now, my dragon is hungry ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Guilty as charged. But in my defense, I’m not serious about it. I do it while making fun of the movie. It adds to the fun of watching something so fantastical. Thank you for the chastisement. Hahaha!

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  4.     Zawmb’yee (the temporary High Priestess), Naztko, and I agree “that’s so unrealistic” to criticize a Straw Man. Nor is it fair to say that the metaphors of poetry are unreal when it is clear that She is the Sun and I am the moon that basks in Her light with a smile.
        We wrote a blog for quite some time until we managed by inadvertent propaganda to end the world. Some of us have used a time machine to come back to now before all that happens. We are re-publishing the blog that did it in the hopes that in this time period of disbelief, the ensuing ridicule will diminish it’s power. If not, then the future will unfold as before, and the world will be destroyed as usual. Soon, the evil High Priestess will leave the caves, take over the government and bring on her Ice Age. I’ve been out of the caves for some time, trying to assimilate, and trying to make a plan to prevent the coup d’รฉtat that I know will come in the future.
        Anyway, disbelief can be good. For a tyrant to take power, the people must believe her promises, and believe in her benevolent intentions. But of course, if she has the power to possess people’s minds then all bets are off.
        Believe me. I’m from the future but I’ve studied Machiavelli, Spiderman and the X-Men.

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  5. I completely agree with this! I know far too many people who do this with not only movies but TV shows, too. I think the craziest thing to me is when someone complains about an animated feature….and yes, I know people who do this. Um, hello? It’s a cartoon. Literally ANYTHING can be made to happen! XD Great post, totally agree!

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  6. I must admit to complaining about realism, especially on TV shows…it is annoying when you feel that writers are trying to pull a fast one. I watched an episode of an NZ TV drama called Filthy Rich recently where someone was thrown from a higher balcony…next episode with little time in between she woke up in hospital with barely a scratch. Lazy. ๐Ÿ˜„

    Otherwise, I am not bad when it comes to movies (I can keep quiet), although I don’t care for special effects that constantly make you notice them or gratuitous sex scenes that add nothing to the tale…but the analysis can wait till the end!

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  7. That’s all well and good but then there’s a line. Like a group of well-grown adults and they’re like “Oh look abandoned graveyard , let’s totally go there at 2 a.m at night. What could possibly go wrong?” Also their flashlight isn’t working. Also one of them had a bad dream, detailing exactly how the event would play out. Also, they saw a white cloaked transparent woman with blood running down her chin.

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  8. I love this rant. It’s true. Also my boyfriend is known to do this. I won’t watch TV with him anymore until he learns to be polite and stop complaining about how unrealistic the show should be. When it is exactly what it is a dramatic recreation or a drama theatrical TV show. I don’t even believe the science channel anymore because they have put trash into people’s minds by allowing them to believe Ancient Aliens show is real science. It’s crap. Also why would someone believe a TV show is real? I mean even reality TV isn’t real. Those people were paid to do the show. Duh! That’s how actors and actresses get paid. I am going to follow your blog. Thank you for sharing and liking my blog. โœŒ

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  9. So I am here and am so glad to be here in time! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The post was real fun to read and trust me even I end up with glaring at the people who comment like that. I mean they could very well just leave or stop watching rather than just pass judgements every nook and corner they cross! Glad to connect. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  10. I must say I am guilty of this. Both that I will beat myself up for it. I love a good plot, I just hate when the writers get really lazy with a good concept. I’ve been known to harp about being unimpressed. I must say I love dragons but I am not so impressed about crappy storylines involving dragons.

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  11. Excellent and so true… had a friend complaining about Planet of the Apes the other day… not realistic enough for him… had to shake my head – so you got past the whole talking intelligent ape thing and the plague on humanity but the movie wasn’t realistic enough… hmmm

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  12. What’s so striking about Middle Earth, the starship Enterprise and, for that matter any of the planets in Star Wars, is the complete lack of toilet facilities. Maybe that’s why Captain Kirk talks about having to boldly go…

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