Have any of you ever met or known someone that describes their personality with the words, “I like to have fun” ?


See, the thing about those words is that they make up quite possibly one of the most idiotically moronic statements ever conceived.


Oh, you like to have fun? Do you also eat food when you’re hungry? Do you breathe when you need air? That’s awesome, good for you!


What’s ironic about people who say this dumb shit is that they are trying to imply that they are an exciting and spontaneous person, when, in reality, I fall asleep due to a large-scale loss of brain cells immediately after I hear those words come out of their mouth.


“Yeah, you know, I just really like to have fun.”


No shit, Sherlock Holmes. It wouldn’t be considered fun if you didn’t like it. That’s the whole point. You needed to tell me that? What are the things you don’t like? Feeling sad? Being upset? What makes you laugh? Things that are funny? I mean, what the hell, dude. You are the absolute last person I would ever be around if I was trying to have a good time. You’re probably the type of person who warns others not to breathe under water. Or the type of person that steps outside during the day and is surprised enough that they have to announce, “the sun is bright!” Also, water is wet by the way, and ice is cold. Just clarifying.


Moral of this short little story here is that people are just so dumb, man. They make me so angry and I get really mad when I’m angry!





50 thoughts on “Two is More Than One

  1. Right after I hear a statement like that, my brain zones out! When the conversation comes back to me for a reply, I’m honest when I say “what? I’m sorry, I stopped listening like 5 mins ago!”

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  2. Good read!! I mean, it was entertaining to put the letters together into words and interpret their meaning in my head, and then smile!!
    I guess it was fun!! Yeah, I’m that kind of guy!!!

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  3. LOL I love my wife, but she does this to a degree, and I always give a smartass response and it always pisses her off. But I can’t help it. Mostly though, hers are on a level just slightly above this one. For instance, she’ll be cleaning the house and busy as hell, and then she’ll stop and say, “It’s hot in here!” I’ve explained to her that it’s not hot in here, she’s hot because she’s been very active. She still doesn’t get it.

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  4. I like to have fun while I’m reading stuff like this….. 🙄🤣😂🤣. Seriously tho I work with the general public every day and sadly most people are idiots 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

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