I recently had the interesting thought of what it would be like to try to explain social media to my grandpa.


Me: So, Twitter is a platform where people tweet out their thoughts.

Grandpa: I thought this was about the Internet. Are we talking about birds now?

Me: No, no. So, imagine a diary. But, instead of writing all these personal thoughts into a notebook that only you will ever see, you put the thoughts out onto the Internet for EVERYONE to see.

Grandpa: So, you put your personal information about yourself, out into the public on purpose? Like it’s not an accident?

Me: Yes. So, like, any opinion that you have on anything, you can just put that thought out into the world. This is all public information that anyone can see, like, say, a potential future employer.

Grandpa: You guys do a lot of drugs, huh?


Me: So, Instagram is for photos. It’s basically the same concept as Twitter, but with pictures. You like to take pictures, right grandpa?

Grandpa: Not really, but I do like to capture things that I may not see everyday. What kind of pictures do people post?

Me:  Well, people mostly just post pictures of their own faces, they’re called selfies.

Grandpa: Hmm, “selfie”? Sounds a lot like the word “selfish”.

Me: Well, yeah. They post them so other people will tell them how good they look.

Grandpa: And these people aren’t embarrassed or ashamed? Or in a mental asylum?

Me: No, on the contrary, a lot of them will post a selfie and caption it: “No shame”. They will post one about every day or two.

Grandpa: You’re making this shit up.


Me: So, Facebook is basically just a combination of Twitter and Instagram. You pretty much just give people updates on your life and what you’re doing.

Grandpa: You update people on your life? But, these people do know that nobody gives a shit, right? And if this one does the same thing as the other two, why does anybody have the Twatter and Shitstagram ones?

Me: Well, because you have to try to get as much attention as possible. You’re a loser if you’re not updating, posting pictures, and tweeting about yourself!

Grandpa: Seems like it should be the other way around, but what do I know. I just fought in a war.


Me: Alright, so this one is picture based, too. But instead of everything being public, you only send the picture to someone that you want to see it.

Grandpa: Okay, but what’s the point? Can’t you just do that with your fancy Mp3 ipod picture telephones?

Me: Well, it’s special because the pictures disappear after a few seconds and the other person can’t see it again. So, you know, people use it to send… naughty pictures.

Grandpa: Where do I sign up for a Snapchat?


59 thoughts on “Social Media And My Grandpa

  1. Lmao your grandpa is a funny dude. I see no need for more than just a couple social medias tbh, I don’t get why someone would need to be on 10 different sights if they do indeed do the same thing lol

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  2. I sometimes think that social media is ridiculous but then I remember I write a blog which in essence is exactly that but involving strangers, generally with shared interests and perhaps just a bit more respect than you get from friends for what you post. What would Grandpa say to WordPress?

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    1. Very true! I’m not sure what he’d think of WordPress, he just knows I write things to try to make people laugh lol… but I’m sure he wouldn’t get WordPress either 😂


      1. Gotta love the generation gap. I find with parents that as I’ve got older, they seem to become more like little kids…with the added interest that a parent-child relationship is based on parents having authority…but then they lose connection with the modern world but won’t listen to their kids. (Sigh)

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  3. My husband said that “I don’t know a lot about twitter or spacebook, except that Trump uses one to his advantage and why would I want anybody to know if I took a shit and why would they want to know where I took it to? After all that is kind of a private activity! Your article was enjoyed and these things came to mind while reading it!” It was right on!

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  4. Something similar happened , in a slightly more conservative way when I was explaining exactly these to my father few days back 😁😁 the way we sugarcoat things when explaining to elders 😅😅

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