I bet you hear the phrase, “all the time”, all the time. It’s such a common phrase, anyone who even halfway knows the English language uses it on a daily basis when describing something they do frequently. But have you ever really thought about how strange it sounds to say?

If you say something like, “I make tacos all the time,” to me, you’re saying that during all the time you have, absolutely all of it, you’re making tacos. When do you sleep? When do you go to the bathroom? Exactly how much does “all the time” really mean? Are you using other people’s time to make tacos as well? How much time even exists, and how are you monopolizing all of it to make tacos? How many tacos have you made? Who shops for all the ingredients?

How did this phrase even originate? It had to have come from someone who actually used the phrase in a literal context. What was he/she doing all the time? Maybe it was someone describing human’s inhalation of oxygen while here on earth? Was it a World of Warcraft player’s response to someone who asked him how often he masturbates? We may never know.

It doesn’t even sound grammatically correct. Whether you say it as “all the time” or “all of the time”, to me it sounds like a quote from the fictional movie character Borat.

“Bang, bang, skeet, skeet, my name ah Borat I like having the sex for all of the time!”

It would make more sense for the phrase to be “during all my available time”, that way you wouldn’t sound like some kind of grammatically incorrect multi-dimensional alien wizard-dragon who holds sole possession of “all of the time.”

I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore, the point I’m trying to get at is that the phrase “all the time”, is extremely strange. All I’m asking is that if you’re going to use the statement, just don’t do it all of the time. Now, does that mean I want you to merely use the phrase “all the time” sparingly? Or, does that mean I want you to not use all of the time in the universe to say “all of the time” repeatedly? Jesus, I confused myself again. Why does this have to happen all the time?

34 thoughts on “All The Time

  1. I did an excercise at an acting studio where I made the mistake of using the phrase, “all of the time.”
    The teacher asked me an array of questions similar to your taco example, and then advised me to rethink that phrase because it is impossible that I do said thing “all of the time.”
    I appreciated that. It helped me to think in new ways!
    Anyways..this post reminded me of this memory so thank you. πŸ˜„

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  2. When I was younger I remember watching George Carlin on TV. This bit reminds me of what Carlin would do extemporaneously on stage, with phrases a bit more crude. I eventually had an opportunity to see him perform–and what an experience that was.
    How you riff on the phrase “all of the time” I think is something reminiscent of his style, I would even dare to say a comedic “elegy” to him, and you mimic that voicing of internal dialogue quite well, and intelligently in your own way that I appreciate. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Wow this was one of the best comments I’ve gotten. George Carlin is awesome so I really appreciate your words! I’m glad you enjoyed this piece and I hope I can provide some more good material in the future!! Thank you!

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  3. Love it, there must be so many examples like that. Certainly in northern England, by way of a greeting, people sometimes say “now then”…which when you think about it makes no sense whatsoever…but it all pales in comparison to the total lack of sense of some comedians getting laughs just by standing on stage and uttering expletives.

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  4. Borat absolutely is not fictional! I met him all the time while watching you, watching the limp pimpers avoid death from beneath the stove. Yes, we watched you together but haven’t seen him, since retiring from cia to become a saucebox-fangirl. True story.

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