I recently encountered a very strange word (don’t ask how) that has me scratching my head. It is as awesome as it is mystifying. The word I’m talking about is, wait for it…




Yes, you read that correctly. Tittynope. It is defined on the Merriam-Webster website as: a small amount of anything that is leftover. From what I’ve gathered, it’s mostly just applicable to food. So yeah, that leftover chicken from last night that’s sitting in your refrigerator? That’s tittynope. You got tittynope in your fridge. Don’t you just hate when your mom serves tittynope for dinner? As you can tell, it’s really fun to use in context.


“Excuse me, waiter, may I have a box for my tittynope?” Next time you’re at a restaurant, try that and watch your waiter or waitress’s facial expression. If they are dedicated enough to their job and too polite to ask what that is, they may just go looking around the restaurant for some kind of nipple container. Probably not though. They will most likely just call you a pig. But still, it’s worth a try.


My biggest question about this word is, where the hell did it originate from? Like, what was the situation that created this word?


I imagine some guy maybe eating a pizza or something, and after he finishes, there is a little piece of leftover pepperoni on his plate. His friend then walks up out of the blue and asks:


“Hey, is that a titty?”


And then the friend who ate the pizza goes:




Then the other friend thinks to himself:


Hmm, titty? Nope.


Then boom, leftover food starts getting called tittynope, and somehow this word makes it all the way into the dictionary. Although, I’ve never met anyone who actually knew the meaning of it, or has even heard of it for that matter. So, I am going to try to change that. One use of the word at a time.


Anyways, all of this writing has made me hungry for a little snack, and I can see that my friend has some tittynope on his plate. So, till next time, and please feel free to tell me in the comment section how you think this word originated. I’d love to hear your ideas.

74 thoughts on “Mmm, Leftovers

  1. TIT-ee-nope)
    -A small quantity of ย something left over such as uneaten meat on the side of a plate, or dregs of beer left in the glass.
    -A morsel or a crumb.

    Origin officially unknown but this author suspects that perhaps it is derived from the word โ€œtittleโ€ – a tiny amount or part of something – which itself is from Latin titulus, which was used in Medieval Latin (and in Middle English and Old French) to indicate โ€œa stroke over an abridged word to indicate letters missingโ€ (and compare Provenรงal titule โ€œthe dot over -i-โ€).

    Used in a sentence:
    โ€œWaste not, want not is the way to be, leave not a tittynope, youโ€™ll never be in need!โ€

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  2. As “one” that WAS a VERY ROTUND person the word You’ve given an unveiling IS “amusing”, at the LEAST, and, (possibly) “revealing” as a “LYNCH-PIN” to the regionally crossing of “vocabulous” nomenclatures… I.E. *”HIND TEAT”, “nobody” wishes “the” section / position of “ALL THAT’S LEFT”.
    * When MULTI MAMMARIED mammalia are fed via BREASTICLES, the set nearest the EVACUATIVE “tools” would NOT have a “PLEASANT” aroma to assist the Olfactory’s building a connection to the “SAVOROUS”education of the “SENSES”. This may be a connection of “HOW” TITTYNOPE became.
    Just a thought from a DYSLEXIC SPELUNKER. KEEP UNVEILING these for US!

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  3. A breastfeeding baby- a wee thing, gasping for breath between each suckle. A cold, damp night, the kind of cold that seeps into your bones and make you long for the warm cocoon of your favourite blanket. A tired young mother hoping that the babe will finish suckling so that she can sleep again; she has an early shift tomorrow. At the last moment, the baby decides to stop feeding . Desperate to finish the last of her milk, she asks, “Titty?” “Nope!”

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  4. Haha! I love researching origins of words, so I’m adding this to the list!

    The English language really makes you go “what the f***?!” sometimes ๐Ÿ˜„

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