When my sister and I were young, we were eating at an IHOP with our parents. I would say my sister was around four years old, and I was six. When our food arrived, we all reached for the syrup. My mom asked me what kind of syrup I would like, and I told her I’d like the boysenberry. My mom then looked to my sister and asked her if she would like the boysenberry as well. My sister frowned, obviously offended, and exclaimed:


“I don’t want the boysenberry, I want the girls and berry!”

55 thoughts on “Which Syrup Would You Like?

  1. XD *dies of laughter* Lol! This is HILARIOUS!! XD *continues laughing*

    Awesome blog post, SauceBox! 🙂 *smiles* This post just made my day~! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily*

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      1. Well, you’re DEFINITELY bringing smiles to a TON of people!! 🙂 😀 *smiles happily & gives you a thumbs up*

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  2. Bunkessa was about 4 years old when we asked her if she’d like Chinese food for supper. With fists on her hips she said, “Do I look Chinese?!”
    I read elsewhere that some refer to this date as “Star Wars Day.”
    May the 4th be with you.

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  3. When my sister was very small she threw a fit when offered boysenberry jam because she was convinced Mom was trying to feed her “poisonberry” jam! We still call it that sometimes to tease her. 🙂

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  4. HA! *snort*! 😀 I love your sister’s sense of humor! 😛
    One time in IHOP my friend’s Dad was distracted….he thought he had a syrup bottle…and accidently poured coffee all over his pancakes! 😮 He still get’s teased about that one! 😀
    HUGS and thanks for the laughs!!! 🙂

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  5. Hi there Saucebox, MM🍀 here, just popping over to say many thanks for the follow that you placed on my blog, really honoured. Hope to see you around a good while. Enjoy the student years, they can be such a blast……MM🍀

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  6. HA! I love me some boysenberry syrup!

    This kinda goes with what my wife and I were just talking about this morning. She mentioned menstrual cramps and I said since only women dealt with it, it should be called womenstrual cramps.

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  7. Hahaha…. Amazing…. We have many funny childhood tales to share which often make us laugh till stomach hurts.
    I am new here… I usually write poems… Not tried any funny ones yet… Please check my site and if u like it feel free to follow back. It will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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