I wanted to write a little here about something I see almost every day and absolutely cannot wrap my head around.

What I’m going to talk about here are Personal Trainers at the gym.

Now, stick with me. I have no problem with the concept of a Personal Trainer. Getting in shape is awesome and if you need a little help to do it, great, whatever works. My issue here is that 97.6 percent of these trainers I see are out of shape. (If you’re thinking that percentage is oddly specific, that’s because I’ve actually conducted an entire study on this phenomenon and written an article on my results that can be found on the Harvard Science Review website. And yes, everything I just said there was complete bullshit.)

These Personal Trainers that I see are completely out of shape, and they are training other people to get in shape. Maybe it’s just me, but if I were to hire a Personal Trainer, you best believe I’m hiring the guy that looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Zac Efron, not the guy who looks like he just finished a 6-pack of beer and a bag of Barbecue Lay’s, then rolled off the couch to put his “Personal Trainer” shirt on and hit the gym.

I mean, I don’t know if it’s the same for you guys, maybe my gym is weird, but just about every single Personal Trainer I see is in worse shape than the person they are training! I love seeing people at the gym who seem like they are new to working out, it means they are kicking ass and setting goals. So, it is a massive disservice to these people that they are being told what to do by Beer-belly Brian.

I’m sure Beer-belly Brian is great to hang out with on a Saturday night, but am I going to hire him to show me how to get abs? Hell no! And you can bet your house on that. If you wanted to train to be good at football, would you hire a badminton coach? If you needed your toilets fixed, would you hire a psychologist to solve the problem? No, you’d hire a plumber, wouldn’t you. (Shit, maybe you’d hire a psychologist, depends how bad the damage is I guess.)

These trainers are being paid top dollar too! I headed over to my gym website to investigate, and some of them are being paid hundreds a session!


Ol’ Beer-belly’s charging an “affordable” $110 a session! His specialties? Fat loss, and athletic training. Again,


If this is how things work, well guys, looks like I’m going to go pursue my life long dream of training fighter pilots. No, I’ve never flown a plane, but if Beer-belly can tell people how to get abs, I can show people how to fly planes in battle right?

Oh, and if you want to “gain muscle mass”, the trainer for that is 120 pounds, maybe. Dude, if I want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I ain’t gonna hire Frodo, right? That’s like paying an atheist to be a Pastor at my church. Part of me just can’t help but to think that this is just a giant scam. I mean, what does it really take to acquire the esteemed Personal Trainer title? Knowing not to play tag on the freeway? Not sticking your hand in the disposal?

I’m not trying to bag on how these trainers look, this is just a business thing. Money is at stake here. I love my grandma, but am I going to pay her money to show me how to use Twitter? These trainers man, they’ve got quite the nerve charging money with such a weak display product. Train people for free all you want. But don’t look like Larry the Cable guy, and charge money for fitness advice. Am I right?

44 thoughts on “Trainer Trickery

  1. Haha! Well, where I’m at, I go to 24 HR Fitness. Most of those trainers are in ridiculously good shape- because they’re young, and they’re only job is to be at the gym, so that makes it easy. You’d think. I have noticed some that were older and had a gut, but they are an exception. However, there is a boutique gym down the street that only does private training sessions. The trainer/owner is FAT – I would have to eat cake for the rest of Trump’s term to get his gut. What makes one say “Yeah, that’s the guy who can get me in shape?” Somehow he stays in business, so maybe he talks a good game. “Yeah, my knee surgery keeps me from blah blah blah, but try my patented Piyo Aggro SuperFlex Workout and you’ll look nothing like me…”

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    1. 😂😂 that is funny! And yeah I don’t know why I always see these out of shape trainers lol, it’s like they follow me to every gym I go to! Oh well, it gives me a good laugh if anything 😄

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  2. I either work out on my own at my house or at a gym I go to with a legit trainer. A gym that doesn’t have mirrors 😂, where actual training gets done not instagram pics haha. I don’t really waste my time with the average trainer, I completely agree with you. Glad you stumbled upon my blog so I was able to read some awesomeness here!

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  3. Bro, I completely agree. I’m a long-time gym rat and most of the trainers at my gym are in pretty average shape at best. Not only that, but they give pretty lousy advice to new members (like locking knees on hip sled).

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  4. I’m a PT myself so did make me chuckle this as I’ve worked in gyms in the past with out of shape trainers. They’re normally the ones with all the chat who get clients for a few weeks before they get found out! Lol

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  5. They say those who can’t, teach. I mean, I never saw an in shape baseball coach either, I guess! 😅 Anyway, funny stuff!

    Every week I do Cee’s share your world challenge on my blog with another blogger. Would you like to do it this week with me? It’s 4 questions and you can just answer them in the comments on my blog . Here’s what it is: https://ceenphotography.com/cees-challenges/share-your-world/
    Let me know! Thanks! 😄👍

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      1. I’ll post my answers tomorrow, and I’ll link to you in my post! All you have to do is post your answers in the comments of my post, or you can make a post here on your blog, too, that’s up to you! 😊😊 thanks for taking part! ✌️

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      2. Thank you! It was great! 😄👍 Feel free to participate every week if you like! Cee always does the Share Your World every week and I try not to miss any!

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    1. I kind of agree with Little Monster Girl. I feel like some trainers know their shit but they may not practice it. On the other hand, there are also tons of trainers who are in amazing shape but only know how to train themselves and doesn’t understand the whole science behind fitness for everyone else. But I totally get what you’re saying in your post – it is very hard to hire someone who you’re NOT trying to look like. LOL.

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      1. Yeah that’s exactly the point I was getting at lol. They may be good at getting the result for you, but it just seems funny to be out of shape and be paid to get people in shape, practice what you preach! 🤣

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  6. HaHa! I enjoyed this! I have to say that the trainers at the gym I go to I the winter ( in Florida) has a bunch of trainers who are heinously fit. One of them was in the Marines and looks like he could go back into service at any given moment. I did a session with him this winter and when he told me to do ten more reps I just nodded and did what I was told. Thanks for this post the humor gave me the best chuckle of the day so far.

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  7. This was awesome! Seriously so spot on, I go to Crunch gym and some of the trainers look like they ate the real trainers. If you ever want to collab in the future on fitness stories it’d be awesome to have a dude’s perspective for some of the stuff we write about on our blog!

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  8. Thank you for saying the things that people think and don’t say! I don’t visit the gym or anything like that, but I know a few personal trainers that fit this to a tee.

    This piqued me to think about police officers that have guts bigger than a hippo’s backside. 🙂

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  9. That’s a hilarious observation but I think it’s a case of do as I say not as I do. Most know their stuff they just don’t practice it themselves and to me knowledge without application is incomplete. I want someone who has suffered just as much as I have to for this bod 😉

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  10. I have to agree. I had this issue in my gym, not a personal trainer, but the gym had a few instructors who could guide you when you asked them for help. This one instructor was round and could never demonstrate any of the exercises. It is more like, “I am in shape, round is a shape!”

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  11. Funny and a great point — because marketing comes before product trial and adoption and you have to practice what you preach at least to some degree. As some one in the health and fitness business, which with the exception of quality certifications is not regulated and all over the place. I know in-shape trainers who are not good and not so in shape ones that are great. Everyone and their gradma can say they are personal trainers.

    Quality trainers need learned knowledge and skill, client-centric approach, empathy, coaching/mentoring, motivational and methodical problem solving abilities. A trainer who is not in shape may possess all of the qualifications and still not be a good fit for pure visual and motivational reasons. A trainer in great shape may convey knowledge by visual association and be terrible at training.

    Check their credentials (Degree in physiology, kinesiology, accredited CPT certification, etc.), talk to them, and get a free session first.

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  12. Called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Having read your post above all I can add is that it seems almost on a daily basis the world becomes more strange!

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