Just a quick story from a while back.


So, my dog is a Siberian Husky. She is gray and black on the top of her head and all down her back and tail. The rest of her body is a very bright white, including her face. She is a runner, one of the fastest animals I’ve ever seen, and when you give her an inch of daylight, she will bolt like an escaped prisoner. She got out of our backyard multiple times when I was a kid, and sometimes it would take us hours to track her down. (Crazy, I know)


She has a collar with a dog tag that has our phone number on it so if someone happens to find her, they can call us.


So, one day, my little cousin is over at our place. He happens to find a Sharpie and decides to have some fun with my dog. He ends up drawing Harry Potter glasses around her eyes, and the signature lighting bolt scar on her forehead. He then adds a mustache for good measure, because, why not, right?


We see what he’s done and I’m not going to lie, it was freakin’ hilarious. Seeing a big, wolf-looking dog trot around with Harry Potter glasses and a mustache is one of the greater gifts this life has to offer. After getting a solid laugh out of the artwork, we figured we’d try to wash it off after dinner.


But of course, my dog slipped out of our side gate when my Dad was taking the trash out and bolted away.


Big ol’ Harry Pawter was now sprinting down our street at full speed like she was running from a Dementor, missing only a broom and wand.


We get in our cars to try to chase her down, but she’s nowhere to be found, presumably using her trusty invisibility cloak. About twenty minutes into searching, we get a phone call. My mom answers.


“Hi… uhhh, I think my wife found your dog.”


This guy is obviously very confused and trying to hold back laughter. Imagine what is going through his head. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.


My mom, extremely embarrassed, tells the guy thank you and we will be right over to pick her up.


“We” turned out to be just my mom, as the rest of my family wanted nothing to do with this one. None of us wanted to jump on that grenade.


My mom goes and gets our dog, and when she gets back, the canine-wizard comes running inside happily, still sporting the disguise.


We all excitedly ask my mom how it went, and she doesn’t say much. She’s obviously still embarrassed and just says that she doesn’t think the guy knew what Harry Potter was.


We all died laughing.


Moral of the story, if any of you are ever feeling down, please just put yourself in the shoes of the people who found my dog that night, and I’m sure your day will get a little brighter.


P.S. I am going to try to find the picture we took of my dog with the marker on her and post it on here if I do.





37 thoughts on “Harry Pawter

  1. Our husky seems to see us a very kind wardens at the ‘prison’ he lives at. We spoil him rotten but he’d just as soon run free and on his own. As our first dog, we were surprised to witness husky related traits like the ‘talking’ and his ‘zoom’ antics.

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    1. Yeah they are a very unique type of dog for sure! They either have that running gene or they don’t I guess, my friend has a husky and he will let it walk outside without a leash all the time and he won’t run! Crazy.


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    Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness!!!!! XD *laughs hysterically* Lol!! This post is absolutely HILARIOUS~!!! XD *dies of laughter* If you’re as much as a Harry Potter fanatic (like me), you will absolutely ❤ this blog post!! Go check it out!

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