So, my assignment is due in a week? 


Great, I have plenty of time.


My assignment is due in five days.


Awesome, I’ll get started on it over the weekend.


My assignment is due in three days.


It’s Friday, I can’t do homework on a Friday! I’ll do a little of it tomorrow and finish the rest on Sunday.


My assignment is due in two days.


Well, it is Saturday… I’ll hit the bars with the guys tonight and then spend all day on it tomorrow.


My assignment is due tomorrow. 


I have all day to do it. I’m gonna hang out, maybe watch the game, then bust it out tonight.


My assignment is still due tomorrow and it’s getting late.


Did I go to the gym today? Maybe I should do that. My room is pretty dirty, maybe I’ll clean that. I mean, I could probably watch one more episode of my show as well, and then I’ll be ready to get it done before bed. It shouldn’t take me too long.


Assignment is due in twelve hours.


Okay, time to get started. Should only take an hour.


Assignment is due in eight hours. 


Okay, a little harder that I thought. But I mean, I don’t need that much sleep right? I’ve ran on less.


Around six hours left…


Okay, I’ll go to sleep now and get up early to finish it before class. Yeah, that’s a good plan.


Two hours…


Well, getting up early didn’t work out so well. Alright, scramble mode. Gotta get this done.


Annnd thirty minutes left.


Done! Finished it! Now, just have to print it and I’m off to class. Whew!


Class begins.


Teacher: Alright class, did everyone get their assignments submitted without issue? I hope so, as they were due before class, online.


Me: Well, I was the fastest sperm.


21 thoughts on “Procrastination Revelation 

  1. It’s like when you enter college we all get on the same train and it goes on chugging for awhile before stopping. Most of us get off, thinking it’s Grand Study Central, only to find that it’s not the stop we’re looking for, instead we’re at the Procrastination Station. We have to wait for the next train to come around but by that point you’re already there so why bother getting on that train, some guy over there is giving out tacos… we’ll just wait for the next one… it’s a vicious cycle.

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  2. I know this feeling all too well! Just having recently gotten through grad school, the procrastination train made its way in to the station on the reg! Really enjoying the topical relevance to your posts! Thanks for the follow and kind words.

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